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 In  2012 the Schnoebelen family parted ways with the largest insurance  provider in the country to bring a more personalized services to our  clients. This was the birth of Indesure, which stands for “Independent  Insurance”. We represent over a dozen top rated insurance companies  direct and have access to almost any insurance company that provides  coverage through the independent agent network.
          We  specialize in customer satisfaction. All services we provide from  home/auto, life/ health, and business insurance come with our personal  100% satisfaction guarantee.  We treat our customers as if they were  part of our family and that is the main reason we continue to grow our  business off of your referrals. We are available anytime to answer  questions, take payments, or just to sit and chat over a cup of coffee.  Our vision is to continue to grow and provide the best possible service  to every customer for many years to come. There is no account too big or  small that we cannot service for you.  




 With  all the auto insurance options out there how will you know if you are  choosing the right one? That’s where Indesure comes in to help find the  right company, coverage and pricing for you. From a stand-alone SR 22  policy to full coverage with high liability and new car replacement we  have your solution. 



 Many  insurance companies are seeing increased rates on homeowners due to  catastrophic weather events in the last few year. Here at Indesure we  know how to protect one of your largest investments properly. When the  options are endless on homeowner insurance how do you know you are  covered properly? Give us a call for a free review.  

Life Insurance:


 At  Indesure we believe your life is your most important asset. The one  question we ask is “What are you doing to protect it?” We have many  affordable options to protect you and your family. Feel free to ask  about a free life insurance analysis from one of our life experts. 

Business Insurance:


 Being  a small business ourselves we understand small businesses best. General  liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, Excess liability, Errors and  Emissions, the list goes on and on….. this can all get overwhelming at  times. Give us a call anytime to guarantee your business insurance is  covering you properly on the road to success. 



 Rideshare  driving has become a huge business. What most people don't realize is  that there are only a few insurance companies covering Rideshare drivers  properly in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Call our agents, that  specialize in Rideshare, any time to learn about the gaps in the  inusrance and how you can stay properly covered. 

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